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The Kitchen Helper You Should Get Much Earlier In Your Life

A few days ago, a new girlfriend asked me and complain: I finally had my own small kitchen, and found that there were too many things, pots and pans, bottles and jars, how could I not make my ideal look. I understand this feeling.

50% of life’s happiness comes from the kitchen. If it is really messy, it will not only make cooking a mess, but also the taste of the dishes will deteriorate.So storage in the kitchen is as important as cooking.

As the saying goes: "Illness comes from the mouth." In addition to eating clean and healthy, the dishes we use also need to be clean and healthy. However, the utensil and chopping boards of our ordinary people are prone to mold. If you shake the washed dishes and utensil casually and put them directly into the disinfection cabinet or normal cabinet, the cabinet is damp due to the residual moisture, and the dishes that did not dry out It will breed bacteria.

But putting things directly on the console will cause water stains everywhere on the countertop. It takes up space.Is there any way to make our dishes clean and hygienic ?

At this time, it is particularly important to have an excellent dish draining rack.

dish rack

As an excellent dish draining rack, it can not only be used to organize dishes and chopsticks, but also can drain water. Bowls, plates, spoons, chopsticks, shovel. All of our common utensil can be placed on top to drain.

They also meet the following requirement like this:

1. Anti-rust

2. Practicability Design

3. Saving Space

4. Thickened Tube for More Stable


With this good helper, the washed dishes and chopsticks can be put directly in. When the tableware is drained, and then stored in the cabinet, it will neither make the countertop wet nor make the tableware moldy and smelly.

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Materia polishing and welding process can prevent it from rusting

 2 water tray collect the excess water, without worry the upper-level dish rack dripping wet lower layer


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