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6 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Well Organized

The storage problem in the kitchen has always annoyed many people. Many people have small kitchen space, and they always encounter some kitchen items that cannot be placed reasonably, making the kitchen messy. Now, the iSPECLE team will share some very simple and practical storage techniques with you, and we hope it can help you.

For some small kitchens, the first thing we have to consider is to use walls or cabinets to expand the storage space.

1. Install some shelves on the wall where you can put things. Some bottles and cans in the kitchen can be placed on the shelf on the wall to leave more space for the kitchen countertopĀ 

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You can also choose some storage racks with hooks, so you can hang some kitchen utensils, which will not affect the appearance of the kitchen and increase the storage capacity.

2. Place the dishes on the dish rack as much as possible, which saves space and make it tidy
The placement of some common kitchen utensils is believed to be the focus of everyone's concern. If these utensils can be placed with a suitable dish rack, it must be helpful for kitchen storage. Moreover, these dishes need to be cleaned frequently, and we have to consider its draining problem.
A dish rack like this with drain trays on each floor can save space and keep the dishes clean and hygienic. It can hold up to 16 dishes.

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The over sink dish rack Ā also another very good design. It is a suitable choice for those households with large sink kitchens. It makes full use of the space above the sink for storage again. This shelf not only can place knives and tableware, but also solve the problem of draining kitchen utensils and make the kitchen cleaner.Ā 

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3. Make the best use of storage baskets to place food
The space in the kitchen is precious, and there are a lot of things to put in. You should get more storage boxes when storing. Space utilization can be increased by stacking multiple storage boxes

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4. Put some plants in the kitchen

There are some plants that smell better and can absorb oil and purify the air. They are especially suitable for the kitchen. Cooking in the kitchen every day, the smell of oily smoke must be very heavy, putting some green plants can also freshen the air, and putting it on the windowsill can also be happy.

5. The spices are placed on a fixed spice rack
There are a lot of seasonings used in cooking and you need to get them at any time. If these seasonings are stored in the refrigerator, we have to take them out of the refrigerator when we cook, which is very inconvenient, and most of the seasonings are not suitable for storage in the refrigerator.
Prevent a very strange smell in the refrigerator over time. If it is simply placed on the kitchen table, it will occupy a lot of space. At this time, putting it on the spice rack is a wise decision. You can decide whether to choose a two-story spice rack or a three-story spice rack based on how much you know

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6. Clean the kitchen oil stains in time

It is inevitable that long-term cooking will cause the kitchen to accumulate oil stains. These oil stains not only make the kitchen look sloppy and unsightly, but also make the kitchen narrower in view. So cleaning the kitchen in time is good for our storage


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